Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

Hi there buddy. I am assuming that you too are aspiring to learn about the latest trend that is hovering over the Artificial Intelligence market out there, and in return want to enhance your skills and knowledge on the same platform. Well, my friend, you have arrived at the right place.

Before I begin jotting down all the top ten AI technology, let me first enlighten you with a brief history of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence, as the name describes itself, is nothing but the intelligence or the cognitive power that a human being holds, being transferred and stored into a ‘Machine’ created by Human beings itself and hence the term ‘Artificial’. The concept of Artificial Intelligence was founded in the year 1956 and also was heavily funded by the Department of Defense. Their main aim is to enable a machine to do and perform all tasks that a mere human being can do and also do it much efficiently than a human can ever do. There were many times, that funding for AI was hindered due to lack of knowledge and lack of probable future. But soon in the young years of the 1980s, the AI development was revived again and has never seen a backdrop since then. With this insight, let me guide you through the top ten trendings and quite hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies out there and I hope in the end it will help you understand and allow your mind to choose the right technology to start working or learning with.

  • Robotic Process Automation:  Over the years, many scientists try to list down every behavior a human being consists of and tried to script it down. They then used the same script to automate human tasks via Machines. These machines are now utilized in those areas, where human beings would fail to achieve success or it would be too expensive for the organization to hire a human and make the job a success. The concept of AI is to enhance human potential and not to replace them. This is an important thought that all humans and organizations should remember. Companies that use this feature are BluePrism, Workfusion and the list goes on.
  • Decision Management: The AI is also utilized by many companies to assist or perform Automated Decision making for them, which would have taken them a huge panel of members and a lot of planning time. Some of the companies that use this feature are Pegasystems, UiPath and so on.
  • Natural Language Processing: NLP is the ability of an AI to understand the human languages and the patterns of sentences associated with it. It is basically used by security systems for fraud detection. Some of the service providers are Indico, Synapsify,  Lexalytics.
  • Biometrics: AI is hugely used for scanning the fingerprints, eyelids and also sometimes understand and perform facial recognition, in order to provide access to many things out there in the world. A company that works on developing Biometrics includes Agnitio, FaceFirst and so on.
  • Deep Learning Platforms: Deep learning incorporates a set of algorithms that uses Artificial Neural networks to learn different levels of abstraction. Some of the applications of DLP are speech recognition, NLP. The providers of the same are Deep Instinct, Ersatz Labs.
  • AI-Optimized Hardware: A lot of hardware companies are now focusing to build AI-oriented machines, that will help the AI algorithms to run various next-gen applications. Companies that are building the same are IBM, Nvidia, Intel.
  • Virtual Agents: This technology is one of the fastest developing technology due to its vast potential and demand in the customer service and support market. Its current implementation is in the form of simple chatbots to complex systems that have the ability to interact with humans and provide necessary solutions. Companies that develop this are Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.
  • Natural Language Generation: This technology is one of the oldest and most demanded of all. It is used to generate a message that can be easily understood by Humans and the same message can be used for further processing. Hence currently it is used to generate various reports and provide market analytics data. Vendors are Cambridge Semantics, Attivio.
  • Speech recognition: This technology is self-explanatory. It is currently used in mobile application and interactive and intuitive voice responses. Vendors are OpenText, Verint Systems.
  • Machine Learning Platforms: This can be framed as the use of AI to enhance AI. It’s allowing AI to learn on itself and create its own set of algorithms. It is used mainly for prediction. Vendors are Fractal Analytics, Microsoft.

Hence, as I promised, I have wrapped up all the top trending technologies in the AI market. Learn from it and use the knowledge to make a better world.

Good Luck!!