Role of Ethical Hacking

Hacking!! The sound of this word is odd for a few people, however for the computer gigs (who are experienced in hacking or have an interest in this), this is passion. Hacking is not always illegal. Many government sectors use Ethical hackers like law and enforcement, police, cybercrime, etc. 

Before we get to the role we need to know a bit about Ethical Hacking. 

Ethical hacking is a way of objectively investigating an organization’s data security arrangement. A new group of IT professionals called white hat hackers or ethical hackers are developing and gaining prominence. The job of an ethical hacker is to purposefully enter security systems to fix these weak points.

These professionals operate methods similar to that used by malicious hackers, but they are needed to be a step or two ahead of their vicious counterparts. Ethical or white hat hackers may be hired by the government, banks, or private firms to prevent cybercrime. They hack the system with permission from the client and present a maturity scorecard for the network that highlights their overall uncertainty.

Now let’s check their role in the industry:

  • Application Testing: Done to reveal flaws in the system at the very center or logical level
  • Remote or war dialing: Used to examine open-ended modem links that remotely connect to a network
  • Local network testing: They deals with testing of services, protocols, system devices and virtual private networks
  • Wireless security: A way of measuring the level of security available in the framework as a whole
  • System hardening: Done to strengthen the host and mend deficiencies
  • Stolen laptop: Done using the PC of an essential employee, this test checks for passwords and personal information stored in a dial-up software
  • Social engineering: This kind of hacking is very hard to carry out as it involves people, personalities and employees.

These are the role of Ethical Hackers as many people got confused about this. I will get back to you guys with more details. Till now Good luck!!


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