Bulfyss 50 Kgs Portable Hanging Digital Weighing Scale for Luggage -2020 Latest Edition (Black)


  • ?TARE, AUTO-OFF and LOCK-RESULT FUNCTIONALITIES? – Save your time and energy with high end functions incorporated in this luggage weight scale. Tare function resets the display back to zero and allows you to take net weight of an item at ease. Auto-off saves your battery by switching off the suitcase weight scale when it is not in use for a long time. Lock-result prevents a particular reading from varying while you note down a particular reading
  • ?UNIT CONVERSIONS MADE EASY? – Whether your destination uses Kilogram or Pound as a weighing unit, both the units are inter-convertible on this baggage scale. It supports both KG and LB. This simple and reliable weighing scale is ideal for overseas travel.
  • ?1-YEAR LIFE COIN CELL BATTERY INCLUDED, EASY TO GRIP AND USE, SINGLE BUTTON OPERATION? – Weigh your luggage bags easily at anytime and at anyplace. This sleek and handy luggage scale is highly user friendly and displays the correct weight of your bags and baggage within seconds. Very easy to store and carry, it is strong, lightweight and highly portable
  • ?SLEEK, TRENDY AND DURABLE, CE/FCC/ROHS APPROVED, LIFETIME WARRANTY? – Lucrative design, durable and long-lasting, this handheld scale is made with high quality materials. Just hook your bag on the steel hook and get the result instantly on the display panel. Whether you at home, office or traveling, this suitcase scale makes your work easier and simpler.
  • ?SAVES YOU FROM UNDUE OVERWEIGHT FREIGHT CHARGES? – Be informed about the weight of luggage you are carrying. Avoid undue hassles at the check-in counter. Enter the airport with full confidence and peace of mind. Easily weigh your suitcases, backpacks and purses before boarding a flight.

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