Brainy Bear Box for 0-12 Month Old Baby for Learning and Gifting


  • Brainy Bear Box is India’s first baby sensory stimulation kit. It comprises of 10 scientific activities to guide the process of mental stimulation, thus enabling proper growth and development of the baby from 0-1 year
  • The box is a one-stop-shop for child-friendly, sanitized, and non-toxic visual aids, auditory toys, tactile stimulation toys, and other learning aids that will increase concentration, cognitive, visual, auditory, motor, and grasping skills in babies up to 1 year old.
  • The box comes with a detailed instruction booklet to help you figure out how to conduct the activities so as to provide complete care to those little ones.
  • Parents just need to connect and play for 20 minutes a day with the baby to enhance his/her growth and development.

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