Market Research Services

The key to getting a competitive choice lies in having an in-depth knowledge of the target audience, competitors, and the market. World of Blogs, as part of market research services, aims to do the same, providing you with appropriate information about the market, industry trends, competitors strategies, and modifications in the marketplace, with other things, thus helping you formulate efficient marketing strategies, make knowledgeable decisions, and reach out to your prospective clients far and wide.

Right from employing industry-best methods and orderly gathering, recording, and examining data to helping you launch a new product/service, established prices, build a business plan, grow into new markets, etc., our specialists can do it all. Our market research services include peer group development modeling and project evaluation, market assessment, benchmarking, data mining and segmentation, competitor analysis, industry trend forecasting, and many more.

World of Blogs’ Rich Array of Market Research Services: An Overview

As part of our market research assistance, we profile and segment clients, evaluate the competitors’ marketing strategies, predict industry trends, and try to benchmark. Our market research professionals are proficient in assembling hard-to-find information from primary as well as secondary sources, such as social media sites, business directories, forums, online portals, websites, etc. We give you valuable insights and forecasts from the industry, promoting the decision-making process, and contributing to successful marketing campaigns.

Our wide range of market research services include:

  • Questionnaire/ Survey Design
  • Survey Programming
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Web and Email Surveys

Market Research Methodology

World of Blogs helps companies in handling varied types of surveys critical for market research:

Market Profiling and Segmentation: Our experts recognize your clients and segment them as per geographic location, demographics, psychographics, and socio-cultural factors so that you can manage targeted marketing campaigns.

Market Information Survey: We plan your market size and share of the market, provide details about market maturity as well as competitive positioning to support you create effective marketing strategies.

New Product Concept Analysis Survey: If you are about to originate a new product in the market, we can help you manage its initial screening in front of the target market. We produce you with information regarding the acceptability of the product, the likelihood of purchase, likes and dislikes, etc.

Customer Purchase Method / Tracking Survey: As a member of market research services, we assist you to track every customer touch-point and the process that happened by your customer to complete a purchase. This involves steps like Market Awareness, Knowledge, Intention to Buy, Trial, Purchase, and Repurchase of the product.

Customer Attitudes and Expectations Survey: If you are preparing to seek guidance from market research companies to further support to develop your campaigns and boost conversion rates, we can extend the help that you require by conducting surveys to analyze customer attitudes and expectations.

Customer Intention and Purchase Analysis Survey: Our specialists create effective questionnaires to support you understand customer’s interest and motivation to buy your products.

Customer Trust, Loyalty, and Retention Analysis Survey: With market research assistance, our specialists help you analyze consumer attitudes towards your company, product, and services.

Customer Habits and Uses Survey: This survey involves understanding where, when, and how the product is being used by the target audience.

Product Fulfillment Surveys: Our marketing research advisers evaluate if your product fulfills all the promised qualities and benefits.

Competitive Product and Market Positioning Survey: When you outsource market research assistance to us, we find out how the market sees you in relation to your opponents. This also includes comparing the attributes and benefits of the product.

Brand Equity Survey: As a member of market research services, our specialists evaluate the psychological value that your brand holds in the marketplace.

Advertising Value Identification and Means-end Analysis Survey: We have identified a distinguished reputation among marketing research companies and support you map the hierarchical attributes, values, and benefits connected with and described by the advertisement. This entails analyzing your ultimate goal and determining the best marketing strategy to accomplish it.

Advertising Media and Message Effectiveness Survey: Our market research specialists determine the impressions and effectiveness that persuade the customer to buy your product/ service.

Customer Service Survey: Delivering our in-depth expertise to the table, we evaluate the method followed in receiving the services and the participants included in it.

Sales Lead Generation Survey: World of Blogs helps you in up-to-date follow-ups and relevant use of the sales leads. We also assist you to track the leads effectively.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Survey: Minimize cost and increase customer relationships by getting hold of Customer Service Representatives’ attitude for their job-related movements like:

  • Time allocation
  • Solutions for customers’ needs
  • Job improvements measures
  • Practices implemented
  • Internal departments’ efficiency in helping customers

Sales Forecasting and Market Tracking Survey: By leveraging our expert’s serious knowledge in conducting sales forecasting and market tracking surveys, you can get appropriate market estimates of consumers’ preferences, self-reported purchasing purposes, and judgmental bootstrapping which are rules that explain the most viable use of the available secondary market information.

Price Frame Survey and Elasticity of Demand Analysis: Avail our market research assistance to get industry measures of demand elasticity, optimal price points, and different product-service segments or usage conditions.

With our voluminous range of marketing research services, we provide a variety of industries such as banking, medical, insurance, legal, automotive, real estate, Non-Profit Organizations, IT, media and telecommunications, etc.