Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

Is Technology Limiting Creativity?
Technology Does Not Limit Creativity But Nurtures It

Technology itself does not confine creativity but nourishes it. Hasn’t technological advancement played an indispensable role in the evolution of society? 

It is widely assumed that the overuse of technology or over-dependence on technology is curbing creativity. (Ingram, 2018) But can we bypass it all the time?

High-Quality Work In The Least Cost

Technology is an extraordinary method to create a higher quality product in a quicker time, with the least cost. People utilize technology, to use every bit of time productively. 

For instance, throughout the Covid-19 crisis, ‘Work from home’ has become a new way of producing office work. In this people use ‘Google meets’,Zoom and Microsoft Teams apps to fulfill their tasks.

Technology Boosts Productivity and Connectivity.

 “Technology is best when it brings people together”

Matt Mullenweg

During the unfavorable Covid-19 situation Non-profit organizations like, ‘Bidyanondo Foundation’, connected with the foreigners to receive donations for underprivileged souls in Bangladesh. 

Moreover, other remarkable organizations like “WeMen View”, not only provided fiscal comfort to evade the unfavorable situation of Covid-19, but they are also building houses for people affected by cyclone ‘Amphan’. But does technology only do good things?


Other Side of The Coin

Technology has several demerits simultaneously with its advantages. These disadvantages lie within the purposes that we decide to do through applying technology.

  • Personages can easily imitate others’ work, particularly ‘research’. (Murphy, 2018) 
  • Another downside of technology is that kids consume plenty of their time playing video games or viewing videos on the internet. (Ruston, 2016) 
  • Between applying technology as a source of entertainment or as a source of designing projects for their educational institutions, students choose entertainment. And they unfortunately get addicted towards it. (Reynaud, 2018)
  • In recent years, several individuals applied technology for hacking major accounts, such as bank accounts of their or separate countries. (Infinite Knowledge, 2016)


Technology Generates Innovative Concepts Continuously

Despite containing such demerits, technological innovations empower the construction of creative insight that emerged in Bitcoin, Google, Air BnB, and Uber. 

Furthermore, technology broadens the boundaries of imaginative pursuits such as music, painting, moviemaking, etc. 

However, we can now make individual content for entertainment and learning purposes on YouTube and Facebook. (Stenger, 2017)


Can Technology Really Limit Creativity!

Technology cannot restrain creativity. Human beings constantly search for unique ideas with new dreams. For instance, after inventing ships, we had the transport of traveling throughout the world, yet we later invented airplanes. 

Similarly, in the case of communications, there was Telegraph, Telegram, but Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone to interact throughout the world.


On a different note, Human beings not only produce numerous things because of monotony, but they also invent things to reduce expenses. Don’t they?

For instance, people were able to communicate through cell phones in the early 2000s, which was awfully expensive. So, they invented Skype, Viber, Wechat, Messenger, Whatsapp, Duo, etc. These apps not only made the World closer but also formulated a less expensive and simpler method of communication.


It is 2020, we have evolved a long way. Multitudinous items have been made throughout several eras. Still, our thirst for designing innovative things is unfinished. 

A German aviator named; Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf also supports this observation. He opined that,

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”

I believe that, no matter how far technology expands, the urge of producing something will never perish rather it will increase day by day. Nevertheless, for making our creativity beneficial, technology should be utilized appropriately.

-Ishani Sarkar  & Muhammad Israr-ul Islam

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