Here I am up with a new blog with a list of Top 10 Home Made Solutions for Hair Care that will help you enhance the quality of your hair without using the expensive chemicals out there in the market. Let’s start:

“My friend once told me, that if you don’t have any productive thing to do in life, then at least pay attention to your looks, because that will definitely help you in the long run.”

And that statement hit me hard. Looks are the first criteria for judging a person. Well, it doesn’t matter, you have light or a dark skin tone, if you are bad at hair management, then your overall look always gets spoiled.

People often tend to think that using expensive shampoos and conditioners can yield beautiful and shiny hair. However, in my opinion, they are a secondary factor. The primary factor that governs strong and smooth hairs is the food you are in-taking and the amount of care you give them. Go through the list below and follow it regularly to get promising results

  1.   Aloe Vera Juice

Home Made solutions for Hair Care

This is one of the best home made solutions for hair care and my personal favorite when it comes to smoothening my hair. The proteolytic enzyme of Aloe vera will definitely help you in repairing the dead skin cells on your scalp. All you need is to peel a green leaf, extract the solid gel, and grind in a mixture to get a thin paste. Wash it after 30 to 40 mins and believe me you’ll get instant results. For me, it works great as a conditioner.


  1.  Onion Juice

Onion Juice for Hair Fall

The first thing that might have struck your mind would be, how can someone bear the smell of onion on one’s scalp? Well, that’s the price you need to pay for getting silky hair. Making a thin paste by blending onions and applying on your hair for approximately 20 mins can yield you some amazing results. A regular use of this home made solution for hair care is guaranteed to give you amazing results. Do try!!


  1.  Stay hydrated

Drinking Water

Though it not a home made solution but still I have kept it in this list. Other than several benefits of drinking water, it also helps in hair management. Generally, people don’t give much attention to this, drinking plenty of water is very important. Lack of water results in dry and brittle hair. Drinking ample amount of water also helps in rejuvenating your skin and scalp. So, I hope the next time you don’t consider drinking water a normal task.


  1. Massaging your Scalp with oil

Hair Oil Massage for better scalp

I have seen people applying lots of oil and then massaging the scalp for a minute and leaving. But this practice is not appreciated. It’s not about the amount of oil that you are applying, instead, it’s about the time duration for which you massage your scalp. The reason being the fact that massaging help in proper blood circulation which is very important for healthy hair growth.


  1. Lemon Juice

Home Made Solution for Hair Care

It is a simple home made solution for hair care but has great benefits. Lemon juice is another outstanding technique to enhance the quality of your hair and steady their growth. Applying freshly extracted lemon juice before you shampoo can be a great idea.


  1. Eggs

Using eggs is generally not preferred by vegetarians, but they can’t deny the truth that eggs contain high amounts of proteins as well as sulphur, phosphorus, etc. And this quality of egg makes it suitable for the formation of new hairs. gently apply egg to your scalp and massage it slowly for some time to get better results.


7.  Green Tea

Home remedy for hair fall

I always start my day with a cup of green tea. But, I had never imagined that the used tea bags of green tea can turn out to be this useful. Being super-rich in antioxidants, these tea bags can help you in boosting your hair growth. No more throwing away those used tea bags, because they can yield some unexpected responses.


  1.  Coconut Milk

Coconut Juice for hair care

Well, talking about hair growth, how can we forget to mention coconut milk. Being rich in iron, potassium and other essential fats, it works as an outstanding treatment for hair growth when combined with other ingredients like lemon in proper quantity. So, next time when you break a coconut, don’t forget to collect its milk in a container.


  1. Amla

Home made solutions for hair care

Being a natural immunity booster, Amla is a great choice for hair vitality because of the essential fatty acids which tend to strengthen the hair follicles. I remember my grandmother always used to give lectures about the plenty of benefits that come with Amla. It is a great home made solution for your hair problems.


  1. Yogurt/Curd

Yogurt for Hair Loss

Besides being easily available, the curd is an excellent choice for boosting immunity. All that we desire are silky and smooth hairs, and due to the rich proteins present in curd, it serves the purpose.

Lastly, as my mother always says that you can apply 100’s of things on your hair, but the actual results always depend on the kind of diet you take. The protein Keratin which is the base material used in the hairs needs the nourishment of proteins and vitamins from time to time. So, starting from eggs (rich in proteins) to the citrus foods (Vitamin C) to green leafy vegetables (Iron), a mixture of these healthy food items is very essential for your hairs.

That was my personal experience, do share your homemade solutions for hair care in the comments section.

–  Ishani Sarkar & Vaishavani Agarwal

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