Are gender stereotypes applied for “Mood Swings”?

Are gender stereotypes applied for “Mood Swings”?

Do men’s mood swings?

“Mood swings” is a common word to describe a woman”s mental anxiety or restlessness. Mood swings is a mental illness with extreme shifts in mood and energy level. 


Though this depressed state of mind is widely used for women, men also get affected by this mania. 


Understanding mood swings in men 


mood swings 


Generally, masculinity is defined by self-control and emotional regulation. As a result, maximum people don’t understand the mood swing disorders that a man can face in his daily life. 


Although men and women share many of the same symptoms for mood swings, there are differences in how this disease affects the genders. Females get more depressed than manic while males get more manic than depressive.  


Hence, one has to be extra careful while handling a man having mood swings. 



Reasons for shifting moods in men 


The estimated age for the onset of mood swings is 25 but it can start earlier or later. Mood swings can be caused by a stressful event at work or in relationships, failure in any desired work, any internal or external change can be the reason for this crazy “roller coaster” of feelings. 


Moreover, mood swings can also occur without an obvious reason. This change can stay longer or shorter.    


Symptoms of mood swings in men 


Men often refuse to acknowledge the presence of disorders in their minds. Denial is common, so the only way to understand their state is to follow their behavior. 


One cannot stop the rapidly changing state of a man‟s mind but can be careful while communicating with the manic state of mind by observing the symptoms of mood swings. This kind of disorder is characterized by symptoms such as, 


  • Trouble sleeping 

  • Speaking very fast 

  • Restlessness 

  • Excitability 

  • Impulsiveness 

  • Reckless behavior 

  • Aggression 

  • Concentration problems 

  • Hopelessness 

  • Depression 

  • Eating troubles 

  • Abuse problems and many more. 


Results of male mood swings 




The level of depression that the mood swings create in males is crucial. The negative impacts of mood swings can affect his academic performances, office works, creative arts, relationship status, self-love, legal behavior, etc. 


One can become drug-addicted or alcoholic to make himself out of his depression and at the final stage; he can also choose suicide to get rid out of his disorders. 


Managing men’s mental state 


This mood swing problem has no permanent cure but the symptoms can be managed with treatments like psychotherapy, prescription medication, stress management, private discussions, integrative group therapy, and counseling. 


Moreover, their willpower is the greatest cure for this illness. 


Yoga for mood swings 



Yoga not only works on physical health but also on mental health. Yoga as medicine can reduce anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It calms the mind to awake its inner peace. 


Exercise and breathing practice engages the mind and helps to avoid unwanted negative thoughts or emotions. This practice will also build up positive energy into men. 


Other activities to help mood swings 


Alongside with practicing yoga, men can also engage themselves in creative works like art and crafts, listening to playful music, and dancing with the musical beats. 




Man can also make his mind calm by spending some private time with himself. A good conversation with the close ones can help a lot to deal with the moodiness of the mind.  


Over and above, doing prayers can also bring the steadiness and satisfaction of mind as the belief system is very important to solve mental disorders


Breaking the stereotypes


None of the illnesses discriminate by gender, right? We also have to keep this fact in mind about mental health disorder cases. We also have to consider that, this is different from the other usual mood changes most people feel throughout the day.

Then how can a man get mocked at his mood swings? Rather the people around him should be very careful in managing their mental state. Only a thoughtful step can help a man to deal with his extreme depressions. Will you step forward to maintain a healthy relationship with these men to preserve their calmness?

–  Ishani Sarkar & Ismat Jahan Nishat

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