Animal Cruelty – Humanity Vs Nature

Animal Cruelty – Humanity Vs Nature
This is a true moral test where humanity failed to be kind & protective of nature.

Have you ever felt the pain from a burn? Can you bear the pain when you realize that your inside organs are burning? No right?

She was also trying to get relief from that burning sensation. In a natural way. She was scared, she was afraid, she was worried about her child. She was Pregnant!

As a lady, I can feel her pain, but humans? In Bengali, we call this “Manush”, “Man + Hus”. It means when you have Sense and when you are a man. That’s when we call someone a MAN.

Take a few seconds and think, are we eligible to be called by that name? ARE WE?

We called those animals = WILD ANIMALS, they don’t know how to behave.

Ask yourself, DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE????

You call yourself a Man, I believe we can trust those animals much more than humans. Reason? They are BETTER than humans.

I feel ASHAMED that I am a human being. I really do. But I can take it in a positive way as well. I am an ANIMAL LOVER, and I will do anything and everything to protect them from cruelty.

Mother nature is clearing the mess humans have created. I feel sad for those poor animals.

As you all know, we have tons of real-life stories happening to all different types of animals in every corner of the world & no action would be taken just because they cannot raise their voices…!!!

I understand most of us are not able to accept the recent incident on the animal cruelty that was reported in Kerala. This incident talks about the cruelty which led to the painful death of a pregnant elephant that “Trusted” the humans who have come in search of food and blindly accepted the food provided to her. This has not only killed the mother but also the baby elephant that was about to come into this world. The “trusted humans” were so cruel that they’ve given a pineapple filled with crackers for it to get rid of her hunger. The innocent animal has consumed a firecracker filled pineapple which exploded in its mouth in the silent valley forest. Unable to bear the pain, this mother elephant started running around in search of water to kill the pain and finally left the world along with the baby elephant with its mouth & trunk in the water.

I wonder how cruel can humans be …???

This is not the first instance that happened, but we have a similar incident that took place in the year 2015 which includes a stray dog. At least 120 stray dogs have been killed across Kerala’s Ernakulam and Palakkad districts in September/October 2015. Other activists have alleged that the two had hired an executioner to kill dogs in public view, and that rewards were being offered to make Kerala a stray dog-free state.


A relatively similar incident at the poultry farms has questioned the humans if there is kindness/humanity left in them.

During the months of February and April, an eyewitness who has visited the poultry farms has come across a cruel method of killing unwanted chicks apparently violate Section 11(1)(l) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

The egg industry commonly kills male chicks because they can’t lay eggs, while both the meat and egg industries routinely kill other unwanted chicks as well, including those who are weak or deformed. Common methods include grinding, crushing, burning, or drowning them or even feeding them while still alive to fish.

However, At PETA India’s request, the animal husbandry departments of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh have also issued similar orders directing an end to illegal and cruel practices for killing chicks and advising that methods recommended by the AWBI and LCI for handling unwanted chicks be adopted.


Who do you think is responsible for these brutal acts? 

It is none other than a

Humans that the animals trust most of the time”.

We all need to get one thing clear on the fact that – Animals do not require anyone’s permission to live on this earth as they are the ones who survived on this earth before even humans arrived.

I hope you all feel the same….!!!

However, why is there a difference in treating them with kindness when it comes to reality/practicality?

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has released four Gazette notifications under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 to regulate dog breeders, animal markets, and aquarium and “pet” fish shop owners. This progress has come about as a joint effort by animal protection groups including PETA India.

PETA India pointed out that the common cruel methods of killing unwanted chicks violate Section 11(1)(l) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

This kind of animal abuse/cruelty can be avoided if each one of us takes the responsibility and at the same time reports any such incidents that come to our notice.

Why do we have to wait for someone to take the first step in doing so?

Anyone of Us can be the one who can lead our nation to do so…

Common everyone……It’s high time now…….!!!

The fact that most of us never realize is – whatever we do gets back to us in some way or the other. 

Let’s all get together and take a step ahead & stop this cruelty and start being kind not only within us but also to accept nature the way it is…!!! Let us all (each one of us) take ownership of protecting our nature.

Ask me how?

Use Your voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

– Ishani Sarkar & Chitti V N L Sushma

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