6 Reasons to Choose ANDAMAN ISLANDS as Holiday Destinations: BLESSING

6 Reasons to Choose ANDAMAN ISLANDS as Holiday Destinations: BLESSING

Spelling heaven, if you ever move your magic wand

It will definitely take you to the Andaman island.

The Elephant beach is full of white sand,

Here you can roam freely while holding your loved one’s hand.

It is just like a fairyland

Believe me, you won’t regret visiting the Andaman Islands!


Last summer I visited the Andaman Islands with my family, our holiday destinations. Well, whenever a thought of a holiday strikes our mind, the foremost thing is how are we going to plan it?

In my opinion, getting a tour planner is the best option. Because the presence of a variety of islands and beaches in Andaman makes it very difficult to plan the trip on your own. There are a variety of tour planners that can help you with that. The best part about them is that they guide you about everything. Be it the hotel that you have to stay in, or the car/cruise via which you need to reach the location, everything is their responsibility. So, the only job that you need to do is to enjoy yourself.

While the flight was about to land the airport of Port Blair, the exquisite view from the flight windowpane had already made it clear to me that it was going to be super fun. Well, one can easily explore the different places to visit in the Andaman island through the variety of sites present on google. But through this blog,

I am writing my favorite experiences from one of the best holiday destinations.


  • Scuba Diving

    This definitely deserved to be at the number one position. From watching the images and videos of people wandering underwater, to experiencing the same, it will always remain to be among the most cherished memories of my life till date. Starting with learning the sign language to communicate underwater to exploring those marine plants and animals I just loved it.

  • Havelock Island

In my opinion, these Havelock islands are the planet where only “beaches” live. Yeah, it may sound funny but every now and then I could hear the name of a new beach from my travel planner. Being a beach lover, it was a lovely experience for me. I vividly remember the Elephant beach. The reason being its name. Initially, I thought I would find some elephants there, but to my dismay, there were none. Yes, but the variety of water sports was its specialty. I enjoyed water snorkeling there, and the clean sea was the reason that the coral reefs were visible. I even tried touching some fishes while in water.

  • Cruises

Almost everyone dreams of traveling on cruises whenever we see a film featuring the lavish life on cruises. Fortunately, Andaman gives you this opportunity too. The cruises I traveled in were beautiful both in and out. Watching the ups and downs of those tides from the windowpane of the cruises brought me another level of peace.

  • The light and sound show at the Cellular Jail

This was the first place where we visited after landing in Port Blair. The night show exposed the deadly condition of the freedom fighters and how was their life in that jail. Indeed the “Kala Pani” imprisonment wasn’t a joke. That place made me realize two basic things, firstly the struggle and pain through which the freedom fighters have gone, and secondly, the fact that I am so lucky to be born in a free country.

  • Banana Ride and Glass bottomed boat ride

Among the various water rides, these two are the brightest in my memory. Banana Boat ride was another level of thrill. I remember asking the guide before that ride, “Maza toh aaega na? (Will it be fun?)” And he said, “ ma’am you will love it.” And indeed I loved it. The glass-bottomed boat ride exposed marine life. I was awestruck seeing the clean and pure water due to which marine life was so clear.

  • Network issues

You might be wondering why am I mentioning network issues as a great experience. Well, the answer is that the network problem made us feel that we were all together in a new world, free from all the tensions and chaos of life. So, that holiday tour was bliss because of the lack of communication with the people.

Well, if you are planning a holiday tour, then the gorgeous Andaman islands will definitely be a great choice. People tend to choose Goa as a holiday destination owing to the fact that it is full of beaches and night parties. But if you want to desire to find beaches as well as solace under the blue skies, then, in my opinion, there can be no other better choice than Andaman.

I still remember peeping out from the windowpane during my return flight, and noticing the alluring view of that island for one last time, till the flight blurred the view of my dreamland.

(Note: If possible do carry a DSLR because with every step you are going to get a fascinating view which will provoke you to click pictures ;))

Andaman Island is undoubtedly an escape from the tiring schedule and one of the best holiday destinations to choose. To me, it is like a paradise. I wished to lie on those beaches amidst that pleasant climate watching the beautiful waves and sky. But as Robert Frost has said in his poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’

“  The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

– Ishani Sarkar & Vaishnavi Agarwal.

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