About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

This is a Blogging site including various categories of blogs. On our website, you can discover numerous sorts of blogs regarding entertainment, food, travel, health, beauty, fashion, novel, sports, etc. 


What Services Do We Offer?

If you are anxious about receiving proper services for your website. It’s time to get rid of these anxieties. Why? Because we are offering services like;


Why Are We Unique?

We are providing digital marketing services along with writing blogs. So, what’s new about it? 

There are a lot of websites only regarding blogs and there are some websites that only provide the services. 

What we have done is we have mixed both these creative areas and inaugurated this website. Isn’t that more effective and exciting!

Your Job In Your Budget

Every customer we had reviewed this site as customer-oriented. We are not going to lie that we are doing a business but we do “Your Job” in “Your Budget”. Isn’t that what attracts you to choose us?

Who Are The Masterminds Behind This Site?

Two distinguished creative souls known as Ishani Sarkar and Gunjan Patel came together and initiated this website.  


One of the inauguration, Ishani Sarkar is a Content Writer, and a professional Digital Marketer, who also does freelance content writing for numerous clients and provides them distinctive services related to the Digital Marketing platform like SEO, SMM, etc.


On the other hand, Gunjan Patel has expertise in Digital Marketing, HR recruitment and she is a professional SEO manager. Does she also do anything else? she does freelance digital marketing for different clients and provides them different services related to the Digital Marketing platform like SEO, SMM, etc. 


Ishani Sarkar and Gunjan Patel both have working experiences of more than six years. They have worked in various companies like Reliance, Cybertoss Pvt. Ltd and Lifestyle, etc.  

They are not only experienced but also enthusiastic. So, the mixture of enthusiasm and experience will provide a great service for this website as well as our customers. Aren’t you excited yet?


This is an overview of the website. Welcome to our website. We provide the best we can and hopefully, we will not let anyone down. 


Let the power of ink enlighten society and provide the best pieces of information.