9 Best Ways to Lose Weight

9 Best Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight represents a problem for many people around the globe. Life has gotten so fast and time flies without us even realizing it. We get caught in the stream of everyday routine, long working hours, taking care of our kids, doing the house chores, and trying to keep a healthy balance between work and private life. 

Trying to lose weight can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you have tried multiple times and you failed every time. You can deal with a lack of motivation, spending a lot of money on healthy food, lacking time to go to the gym, feeling insecure about exposing yourself in public, and other psychological boundaries. The first crucial decision you need to make when you want to lose weight is that you decide that you do it for yourself and your own well-being. Accepting yourself the way you are, except that you will do more to make your mind and body healthier and fit. 

Let me share top 9 ways to lose weight:-

1. You can start by building your morning routine. Starting the day at your own pace and doing the things you love should be the first thing you do in the morning. You can include stretching, meditating, cleaning, and having breakfast with hot coffee on your balcony. The little things count the most. Make a plan for your morning routine and then evaluate how much time you would like to take for each activity and day by day, you will build the morning routine without even realizing it.

2. Another important thing is getting enough sleep. Scientists even say that the amount of sleep can be just as important as your healthy diet and exercise. Studies have shown that many people, who are sleep-deprived, have an increased appetite. Most likely, it is because a lack of sleep impacts your hunger hormones and makes you feel more hungry. You have probably noticed that your appetite or a strong desire for chocolate or ice-cream is more intense after your night out. Lack of sleep makes your brain more stimulated by food, that is why sweets feel so rewarding. Moreover, your resting metabolism is severely affected and lowered when you lack sleep.

3. Stress is, indubitably, among the major weight loss factors. Chronic stress along with inadequate sleep may increase your hunger which can result in weight gain. Learning new ways to deal with your stress will help you decrease your stress level and teach you to stop many times per day when you feel overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to help you deal with stress:

  • Decrease your coffee intake
  • Get at least 15 minutes of sunlight each day
  • Talk to your friends and family about your problems
  • Exercise or meditate
  • Go to bed at the same time every night
  • Build your morning routine

4. Choosing a low-carb diet has shown to be an efficient way to lose weight. Avoid sugar and starch, such as chocolate, bread, pasta, and potatoes. Not only will you eat fewer calories, but you will also reduce your hunger. You will gain a lot of energy and feel more motivated to do your daily schedule. Surely you have noticed that psychological health is strongly connected to your physical health. If you don’t want to eat food from an online menu, you can make your own menu, which will motivate you to cook and keep your healthy diet. Choosing the ingredients that you love, you will not even notice that you are on a diet, but rather increase your success towards a healthy lifestyle.

5. In addition, try to stay away from products that say »low-carb« or even »no carb«, they are still full of carbohydrates, sweeteners, and other unhealthy ingredients. It is only a marketing strategy to make you buy this product without you realizing it.

6. Another successful way to lose weight is to limit your snack time. There is no doubt that many times, we lack time to make a healthy meal or even eat at all. Trying to stay away from your fridge and looking for food when you have time is crucial. Avoid such unnecessary snacking and make a plan for your daily meals. You will keep track of your eating habits and the quantity of food you eat.

7. What about fruit? Undoubtedly, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains a lot of sugar. Eating a lot of fruit can increase your hunger and slow down your weight loss. Hence, we recommend eating vegetables instead. There are many reasons why you should include vegetables on your daily menu. Because they contain fiber and water, vegetables fill you up way more efficiently than other processed food that doesn’t contain fiber. If you combine fibers with protein, you are on a good way to lose your weight in a healthy and efficient way.

8. Furthermore, fasting can also lead to weight loss. There are many different variations of fasting and you can include it in your diet from time to time. Some people find it too hard, others can easily adapt to it. You can try the 16/8 method – fast for 16 hours and eat only during an 8-hour window. You can choose your own schedule and hours of fasting during the 24-hour cycle. The most important thing is not about not eating, it is about when you eat, which is an important note.

9. The last factor, which is probably also the most important, is drinking water. It is the most effective natural appetite suppressant. People often confuse thirst with hunger. Firstly, you should avoid drinking sweet juices that contain a lot of sugar and just switch to regular tap water (if it is drinkable in your area). Drinks that are high in sugar are often also high in calories, which doesn’t really help on your way to losing weight. You have probably heard that the recommended intake of water per adult is from 6 to 8 glasses, which is around 2 liters per day. There are even apps that remind you to drink water every hour. By hydrating, you will help your digestive system and metabolism to process food faster. Finally, drinking water will help your body remove waste. It will help your kidneys to filter toxins and waste. Therefore, you won’t feel bloated, swollen, and tired. These are the most common and effective ways to lose weight.

Along with all these options, you can also check few Workout which you can do at home. it will boost the effects.

Once you understand and make yourself understand that you don’t need to lose weight, but, you need to be fit and healthy. Then you can start the journey. I hope you get benefits from this article and get inspired.

Would love to know about your journey. Please feel free to comment (No Spam Please). Until next time!! Stay healthy, Stay Fit!!

–  Ishani Sarkar & Iza Tovornik

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