5 Ways to Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Hello Everyone!

I thought I can share a few tips with you guys about how can you make your blog SEO friendly.

Many of us love to write. However, being on the first page is hard, that’s what people think. Trust me it’s not. You just have to follow a few strategies to make it SEO friendly. I am gonna share

Top 5 ways to make your blog SEO friendly-

1. The Keyword is the Key:-

Well, Keyword is very important when you’re focusing on SEO. Before you start writing you have to think about a few things and make strategies. Like what topic you’re going to write on, what keyword you’re gonna use, Images and lots of things.

First, decide on a topic. Suppose in this COVID-19 pandemic you decided to write something on the Corona Virus topic. What will be your first step before you start writing?

For me? I will do proper keyword research on this topic. For example, Focus Keyword, Long-tail keyword, Short tail keyword, and many more.

Then you have to be very careful about keyword Stuffing as well. If you think that in 1000 words blogs I will use 100 keywords. A big NO! It will surely not help you to rank. In 1000 words blog we can use 5-6 keywords.

Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Chose Topic
  • Search keywords using good tools
  •  Divide Keywords into Longtail, Short tail, Phrase Keywords.
  • Use 6 Keywords in 1000 words blog.
  • You have to use keywords on Headline, First Paragraph, Conclusion, and at least one “H” tag.
2. Blog Length:-

A content length should be minimum 600 and up. Reason? Well it helps Search Engines to understand the type of content and examine the SEO quality of that Content. So, more words, more chances to rank.

3. Image Optimization:-

You have to make sure the image you’re using for the content, has to be copyright free. There are plenty of websites where you can get free images. However, the best way is to click and edit the pictured of your own. If you don’t have that much time then you can Edit the pictures with free picture editor tools and save it with a different name. Trust me that works. 😉

4. Plagiarism free content:-

Well It is the best part. If you think that you will copy someone else’s content and upload that to your profile, then my dear friend content writing is not for you. Many segments are there in writing. You have to make sure one thing. Once you’re writing something to post on the internet, it has to be original.

Sometimes, if we write something from our mind, and while checking we found that few lines are there in the content which is duplicate. Well it happened to me a few times. But don’t get upset. 3%4% plagiarism is allowed in White Hat SEO. Google also knows that some people can think similarly… LOL!!

There are few free tools available on the internet to check plagiarism. Simply search “Plagiarism Checker” and google will show you plenty of websites where you can check your content. Check and rectify that portion of content using synonyms or you can change the sentences as well.

Remember, Originality always shines!!

5. Link Building:-

Link is a significant word, and it has a very important job and a big part of SEO. There are two types of links you can use.

  • Internal Link- You are taking Visitors of your page from one page to another providing links in your content.
  • External Link Building:- if you’re providing some information from other websites then you must attach the link in your content. This will help you while doing White Hat SEO. For example, in my previous Blog, I have provided many external links.

These are the main techniques to make your blog SEO friendly. If you need help with your SEO or related to your strategy; Do let me know. I’d be happy to help you out. Click here!

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