5 ways – How nature is Rebooting herself due to this COVID-19

5 ways – How nature is Rebooting herself due to this COVID-19

Corona is a curse, is what they say,
But they forgot that for every evil deed one needs to pay.
This too is a nature’s way,
To reboot itself, by locking us for some days.
For a long time, it won’t stay,
That’s what we pray.
One’s nature gets charged up,
Corona would disappear without any delay.

Situations like corona make us realize that we are mere puppets in the hands of life. One can earn millions and trillions of wealth, but no money can alter one’s destiny. The current situation is the perfect example of the famous saying,

“What you sow, so shall you reap”

Well, right from the moment we have discovered nature, we have only taken its favors without giving anything in return. For instance, let me tell you an example: If you don’t pay the rent of your flat on your own, then the landlord may give you some time but eventually, he/she will take it forcefully from you. And this is what nature is doing, we have been exhausting the natural resources without any check, and now it’s nature’s turn. You must have heard about “Karma.”

Well, after understanding the fact that this COVID 19 has emerged out to be an opportunity for nature to reboot itself, here I am presenting five examples of “how nature is rebooting”. So, let us begin.

     1. Cleaner  air

2020 witnessed some outstanding changes in the environment. According to the World Air Quality, the average concentration of PM 2.5 in New Delhi came down by 71 percent for a week last month. Nitrogen Dioxide, a pollutant, has also witnessed a decline of 71 percent. The reason being the absence of people and industries who are the primary contributors when it comes to contaminating water and air. For the first time in 30 years, people of Jalandhar could see the Himalayas from their rooftop. The Dhualdhar’s mountain ranges lie at a distance of around 200 km from Punjab and when spotted, its sight left many stunned!

     2. Wildlife is back on the track

While humans are pinned under a tight global lockdown, wild animals all over the planet have come out in groups to reclaim their territory. A mountain lion taking a nap in a tree in a residential area in Colorado; swans and dolphins gliding through the canals of Venice; elephants and deer found wandering on main roads in the Kodagu district of Karnataka in India; cougars appearing in the Chilean capital of Santiago, and endangered sea turtles hatching on a deserted Brazilian beach. The reduction in the intensity of human activities around the city has brought a large number of flamingos at Perumbakkam in Chennai.

     3. Ozone Layer is healing

The largest hole in the Ozone layer which spreads over 1 million square kilometers above the Arctic has been closed due to unusual conditions of the atmosphere. Amidst the lockdown due to this coronavirus pandemic, the ozone layer got some relief resulting in the healing of the hole.

     4. Clean transparent water

According to reports, river Ganga, which could not be cleaned despite spending crores of rupees, is now cleaner than ever as no industrial waste is being dumped in it. The water quality of the holy river at Haridwar’s Har ki Pauri has been classified as “fit for drinking”

     5. Ecosystem and wetlands

The last is an indicator that the vigor of the wetlands is being restored and that the ecosystem is also functioning properly. Whenever nature is balanced, the ecosystems automatically start functioning well. And this is the positive impact of the corona.

Well, all this making it clear that on one hand where coronavirus has proved out to be a curse for human beings, on the other hand, it turned out to be a boon for mother nature. It’s a time for realization, that if we all come together and contribute to nature, then it will start blooming again. As the old saying says,

Water Drop


Similarly, one never knows how effective a small step to conserve nature will be. It would be wise to not disrespect Mother Nature. After all, this planet is all we have.

– Ishani Sarkar & Vaishnavi Agarwal.

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