5 Healthy Foods to have in this Noble COVID-19 era

5 Healthy Foods to have in this Noble COVID-19 era

With the restaurants closed in this quarantine,

You might not be doing fine.

But I have got some alternatives,

The results of which will definitely be positive.

Using these recipes, explore the chef in you,

While the comment section waits for review.

Well, the moment the nationwide lock-down was announced, the first thing that hit my mind was those restaurant cuisines and the street foods that I used to enjoy almost every day with my friends. Another point of concern was my health because I knew that staying at home means only two things, sleeping, and eating. I think these thoughts must have aroused in the minds of almost every foodie. While on one hand, I was deeply concerned about the rapid spread of COVID-19, on the other hand, I was well aware that the lack of physical exercises in this quarantine can lead to some major health disorders.


So, I decided to awake the chef inside me and try some healthy foods in this noble COVID-19. Let’s start with some snacks that will satisfy the yearnings of your tongue and will help you stay fit as a flea.

Here are 5 Healthy Foods for you:-


  1. Oats Idli

Well, Idlis are never out of trend and if these idlis are made up of oats then it’s like a cherry on the cake. The incredible nutritious nature of oats along with its richness in antioxidants makes it a superb choice. If you are looking for some healthy as well as a tasty snack, then believe me you are going to love these Idlis. A yogurt and coconut chutney will be a great companion for your oats idli.

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Aloevera_ Juice

  1. Aloe vera Juice

From being an excellent treatment for skin disorders to being a healthy food choice, aloe vera is a boon for people. Those fresh and juicy green leaves are not just a treat to your eyes but can also turn out to be a blessing for your digestive system. If taken properly, aloe vera can help in lowering the blood sugar level in people with diabetes. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, then the fresh leaves can give you better results.

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  1. Vegetable bread pizza

The moment one hears about pizza, the first thing that strikes your mind is ‘an unhealthy yet delicious snack” Imagine if your pizza can turn to be a healthy recipe for you. Adding some green and healthy vegetables to a mixture of rawa and yogurt can be a healthy and yummy pizza topping. And being rich in fibres and vitamins, brown bread can serve to be a great base for your pizza topping.

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  1. Puffed rice chaat

This quarantine has made us miss two things a lot namely pani puri and roadside chaat. Adding green vegetables to puffed rice can yield you an awesome chaat. Broccoli, coriander leaves, green bell peppers, and other nutritious green leafy vegetables have also been referred to as a healthy diet. But people find it very boring and monotonous to eat them. But preparing a chaat out of them with some spices and chaat masala can be a great idea. They are a delight to both eyes and tongue.

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  1. Beetroot halwa

Beetroot is considered to be outstanding food when it comes to increasing the blood flow and exercise performance. But most people don’t prefer eating beetroot due to its sour taste. But let me tell you that just like “gajar ka halwa” you can also make “beetroot halwa”. All the procedures are the same, it’s just that you will have to use beetroot instead of carrot. To make it healthier you can use jaggery (Gur) instead of sugar. The recipe will turn out to be one of the best sweet dishes you have tasted to date.

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Besides the negative impact, COVID-19 will definitely help us in improving our food habits. Though I am not a pro at cooking, these health booster recipes turned out to be super awesome. You must have heard the slogan “PET BHAREGA PAR NIYAT NAHI” in Burger King’s advertisement. Believe me, something similar happened to me too.  Give a try to these healthy foods and let me know your experience in the comments section.

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