10 Top Famous Street Foods Of Kolkata

10 Top Famous Street Foods Of Kolkata

You’ve been to Kolkata and not tried the best street foods, then have you really been to Kolkata? The Cultural Capital Of India is like the promised land for the foodies. Not only for those having an inclination towards sweet but also for those who prefer zestful tangy dishes.

Visiting Kolkata for the first time or staying in Kolkata, here is the perfect guide to the street food options in this vivacious city and a list of famous street foods one has to enjoy when in Kolkata.

The 10 top street foods of Kolkata:

1. Phuchkas: Relish The Eruption and Punch of Spices.

Where: Vivekananda Park.
Bhawanipore and Russell Street – a must-visit for experiencing yum-yum phuchkas.


A snack that originated in the Indian Subcontinent is around, circular-shaped hollow puri filled with jumbled flavored water, tamarind pulp ( ‘tetul gola’ in Bengali ), chilies, potatoes, onion, and other masalas.

It is the most common and yet most popular street foods in India, with a balance of sweetness and sourness and textures of flavors, completes a mouthful of pani-puri.

2. Jhalmuri: The Proven Faithful Snack.

Where: Lord Sinha Road, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, and Triangular Park not to be missed.

Jhal Muri

A street snack, the origin being Bengal, is popular in eastern regions of India, and the list of Kolkata’s street foods would be incomplete without Jhalmuri.

This finger-licking street food is made with puffed rice and properly chopped boiled potatoes, cucumber and tomatoes with peanuts and minced coconuts overspread. It is then churned with diced chilies and mustard oil, not forgetting it but with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkles of coriander leaves. This snack offers its eaters customization as to choose their own pack of spices.

3. Samosa : ‘Shaam ka saathi’ or My Evening Pal.

Where: Tiwari brothers in Burrabazar Market, Arun Tea Stall, and Sharma Tea Stall.


‘Shingaras’ as known to be here, is a fried snack shaped triangularly.

These hot piping samosas come with a salty filling of potatoes mashed with spices, onions, or lentils. As you pierce the outer shells and inhale the aroma to eat a bite, the taste of crisp crust and soft potatoes dissolves and tastes even better when complemented with peppermint chutney. It is also the King of Street foods in India.

4. Aloo Dum Luchi: The Bona Fide Bengali dish.

Where: Fairlie Place, The Central Business District, and B.B.D. Bag.

Alu dam luchi

A Bengali Interpretation of Dum Aloo and Lucchi is similar to Puris and Aloo Dum, carrying the essence of Bengal.

The streets are filled with a stretch of stalls selling the most famous street dish here at feasible prices.

5. Mughlai Paratha: The Piquancy of Special Sensation.

Where: Best found in Anandi Cabin – Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

Mughalai paratha

This Popular Bengali street food originated from Kolkata, West Bengal. Its ingredients consist of Paratha, keema, egg, onions, pepper, and oil/ghee.

The roti or paratha is stuffed with chicken keema and other ingredients. Fills and satisfies the stomach totally and tastes just paradisiacal.

6. Ghoti Garam – ‘Chalte Jao – Khate Jao’ or The Mosey-Pootle Munch.

Where: Princep Ghat.

Ghoti garam

One of the my favorite street foods is Ghoti Garam. Amalgamating the amazing integrals of this delicacy, we see the union of chanachur, lemon juice, and onion. The go-to street food offers a variety of flavors ranging from the sweetest to the spiciest to calm down the rats in your stomach.

The crunchy, traditionally having Bengali taste is easy to carry on journeys and an interesting companion in impressing your better-half as you walk down the Princep Ghat.

7. Momo – Sapid Stuffings.

Where: Kalighat Metro and Exide Crossing (Rabindra Sadan Exit) and Dacre Street.


This important part of Tibetan cuisine has always been loved by all. Served with hot piping soup and chutneys spiced so perfectly, it brings comfort to the stomach. These areas are always crowded by students and office officials as they are easily found and cheaper and spicier.

8. Cheela and Daal Ki Pakori –  The Namkeen Folk.

Where: Vardaan Market.

Cheela & Chana dal pakori

Crunchy, delicious, and bite-sized fritters made of a split green gram or we say ‘dhuli moong dal’ and green chilies.

Indian kinda pancake/crepe made with gram-flour, vegetables, and spices. Best served with tea, chutney at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

9. Doodh Cola – The one of a kind.

Where: Balwant Singh Eating House, S.P. Mukherjee Road.

Doodh Cola

The one of a kind offering makes Balwant Singh stand out in a unique manner.

While their tea when served in ‘Bhaanr’ (the earthen cup) makes it the best place, Doodh Cola is just the cherry on top. An unparalleled invention !!

10. Aloo Kabli – The Tempting Pleasure.

Where: Surya Sen Street.

This spicy and seasoned potato dish is the easiest available street food to make as just the boiled potatoes are mixed with tamarind chutney, chopped tomatoes and onions and chilies, and chickpeas. That’s all? No, we need a variety of spices and herbs to spice it up.

Each corner of Kolkata is filled with street vendors which gives you the exact ‘Calcuttan Feeling‘. Food is the strongest bond to have with a city like Kolkata as it is the friendliest amongst them all.

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– Ishani Sarkar & Amisha Patel

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