Cox’s Bazar Beach : World’s Largest Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar Beach : World’s Largest Sea Beach

World’s Largest Sea Beach – Cox’s Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar seashore is the world’s largest natural sandy sea beach with its unbelievable 120 km length. Every year millions of foreigners and local people come here to enjoy their holidays. Why? Here I have discussed the major reasons for people visiting this beach so often. 

One of the greatest tourist spots in Bangladesh

Roaming around the world’s longest stretch of beach on a balmy afternoon, one would expect to find the shimmering sands filled with sunbathing tourists and the calm blue sea with swimmers. 


The sunrise and sunset views are very much enjoyable on this beach because the sea changes color in those times. These views made the beach the most visited tourist destination in Bangladesh. However, can people enjoy other things as well? 


Cox's Bazar Beach

Yes, to enjoy surfing, jogging, cycling on this beach is  the best. Moreover, Cox’s Bazar’s warm shark free water is best for swimming and sunbathing. 


On the other hand, you will find hundreds of shops selling souvenirs and beach accessories to the tourists besides the beach. Shopping makes people curious to visit a place. Isn’t it?  


Different Point of  the Cox’s Bazar Beach Serves Different Views

Though Laboni Point, Himchori Beach, and Inani Beach are the most famous spots, cruising down Marine Drive, with the mountain to one side and the sea provides tourists with different views. So, how can they get bored?

Cox's Bazar BeachCox's Bazar Beach


Along with these points, there are many Buddhist temples and tribes, colorful Pagodas, and delightful seafood which make Cox’s Bazar so special.



Ramu, one of the best places to visit in Cox’s Bazar faced communal violence two years back. However, the village has steadily gained back its robbed charm. Don’t you think so?

Cox's Bazar Beach

The thirteen feet high Buddha statue, beautiful Buddhist temples, mountains in the background, hand-made cigars and pagoda shaped houses all help make Ramu famous. You will not regret your visit.


An island off the seashore of Cox’s Bazar, the 268 km sphere offers hills and a miniature mangrove forest, reminiscent of Sundarbans, without the Bengal tigers. 

If the mood for temples and history is still on , then you should definitely visit Moheshkhali. Here, on the hill, right on the edge, lies the temple of Adinath, dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva.

Cox's Bazar BeachCox's Bazar Beach

Burmese Market

After travelling all the beautiful places. Tourists want to go shopping. Hence, they found Burmese Market, in the main city. In this market, we can find a wide range of products like Cosmetics, knives, lungis, shells, chocolates, decoration pieces, etc.  

Cox's Bazar BeachCox's Bazar Beach

The Burmese market is famous for its range of products from Myanmar. It is easier and cheaper for the shopkeepers to get their wares from Myanmar than Bangladesh itself, with most of the local industries set far away from the seaside town.

No Journey can be completed without having eaten good food

Well, lucky for those visiting Cox’s Bazar, there are a plethora of places to go in this regard. There is local cuisine on Poushee or Jhau Bon, both famous restaurants. 

Banana leaf and dry fish,  are two things that Cox’s Bazar is famous for. These are also something unusual for some of the tourists. So, they prefer to try it, as they never had it. 

There’s also Handi, a well-known brand name restaurant from Chittagong, which offers exceptional Indian food.

What Makes Cox’s Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh?

Miles of golden sands, towering hills, surfing streams, rare conch shells, colorful Pagodas, Buddhist Temples and refreshing sea-food; all these make what Cox’s Bazar is today , the tourist capital of Bangladesh. 

The World’s largest uninterrupted shore slopes here down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal against the fascinating background of a series of hills carpeted with deep green forests.

Cox's Bazar BeachCox's Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most engaging tourist spots in the world. The sight of the setting sun behind the waves of the sea is simply captivating. I have visited this place 4 times, yet, I become excited, every time exploring there. Aren’t you excited to visit Cox’s Bazar for once?


–  Ishani Sarkar, Totinee Chowdhury & Muhammad  Israr-ul- Islam

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