10 Old Shows That Deserve A Reboot

10 Old Shows That Deserve A Reboot

We watch many TV shows every day. But there are some that get settled in our minds. So, to revive those lost memories I am here with the top 10 old shows that deserve a reboot.

1. Shararat (old Shows)


Do you remember those lines “ Thoda Jaadu thodi Nazaakat, Halki fulki hai Shararat”  from the magical television show Shararat? Yes, I am talking about the same show which revolved around the love story of JIA and Dhruv followed by the “shararat” of Nani (Sushma). This show featured three women who had supernatural powers. The show aired on Star Plus and was a treat for every age group. Didn’t you ever try chanting “Shring bring sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartman badling”?

2. Shakalaka Boom Boom(Old Shows)

If you didn’t watch this show then definitely it is your bad luck. Almost every kid back then desired to have that magic pencil which could give them access to everything they wanted. The show focussed on Sanju and his friends trying to solve the mystery cases using their magical pencil. The rising demand for that Shakalaka Boom Boom pencil also leads to the production of duplicate pencils which were loved by the kids.


Son Pari

“ Dekho aayi aayi aayi sona son pari aayi” is something I used to keep on humming each time the show started. It was so exciting to watch Frooti, Son Pari, and Altu doing adventures each day. I still remember how we used to wait for the show to come.

4. Karishma Ka Karishma (old Shows)

Karishma Kaa Karishma

No one can deny the fact that watching that lifelike robot Karishma in that red and white polka dot dress was super fun. It was a much-needed break from the boring Saas Bahu serials. The craze to watch that cute robot do almost everything that humans do, was so fascinating.

5. Tu Tu Main Main (Old Shows)

Well, the only plot of the story was the endless arguments between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. There were neither fancy costumes nor lavish sets but the “khatti mithi nok jhok” between the saas and bahu were loved by all. In spite of the fact that the duo fought and had an argument on literally anything and everything, but the love and the strong bond they shared was the reason for the popularity of the show.

6. Khichdi (Old Shows)

This show was the reason that the family used to sit together and enjoy the comedy of the Parekh family. If you ever watched this show then you must be remembering Praful saying “ Main hoon na”.  I vividly remember one of the conversations between Praful and his wife Hansa(who always used to get confused in English words)

” Hansa: Ae Praful! April fool ka matlab?

Prafful: April fool Hansa…

Babuji mujhe kaise bulate hain?

Hansa: A Praful….A Praful…A Praful

Achha achha…April fool “

These conversations which used to be full of comedy were the specialty of the show.

7. Office Office (Old Shows)

Office Office

There are very few shows which show reality mixed with comedy and “Office Office is its best example. The show featuring “Mussadilal” focusing on the struggles of a common man with the authorities was something that every middle-class person could relate to.

8. Khul Ja Sim Sim (Old Shows)

Khul Ja Sim Sim

The program featured a game show where the audience stands a chance to win some exciting gifts and prizes. The host randomly selected contestants from the audience who used to try their luck to win surprises. Game shows are always enjoyed by every age group and this was the reason for its popularity.

9. M.A.D. (Old Shows)


This was one of the most entertaining and informative shows. I remember trying the art and craft taught by Rob. His tricks were easy as well as cool and that was the reason why the show which aired on POGO was a delight to watch.

10. Bhago KK Aaya (Old Shows)

Bhaago KK Aaya

This remains to be the most epic show of all time. The show revolved around a loser boss, who was the owner of a newspaper. He was unpopular and dumb. The most entertaining part of the show was the dumb and silly jokes cracked by KK. His jokes used to be so silly and irritating that people feared to go to his cabin. According to KK, he is God’s gift to mankind full of intelligence, humor, and class. However, his office staff had a different opinion on this philosophy.

Well, these are the shows that deserve a reboot in my opinion. DO share your favorite shows in the comment section. 

– Ishani Sarkar & Vaishnavi Agarwal

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